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How Can Market Insights Benefit You?

Market Insights provides a unique research tool that allows you and your entire staff to take a "closer look at yourshelf", and those of your competitors without ever having to leave the office, saving you time and money. We provide you with a visual presentation of your category via DVD Retail Photographic Portfolios. This photographic depiction of the store shelves and displays include such vital information as:

• Plan-o-grams
• Category Alignment Patterns
• Packaging Impact
• Competitive Intelligence
• Pricing
• Promotions
• Cross Merchandising
• Out-of-Stocks

Reasons for Using Market Insights:

1.) If you plan to introduce a new product and would like to observe shelf layouts and merchandising.

2.) If you would like to observe packaging impact versus the competition.

3.) If you are interested in in obtaining greater insight on new product releases or line extensions.

4.) If you wish to acquire greater knowledge of how your brands and those of your competitors are being merchandised at retail.

5.) If you would like to receive information concerning innovative merchandising activities for seasonal promotions.