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Shelf Placement
Market Insights offers you the visual apparatus needed to gather a more complete and accurate assessment of your plan-o-grams, new products, line extensions, and facings.

Market Insights allows you the opportunity to take a closer look at how the average consumer "sees" your product in terms of packaging impact, visibility, and competitive comparisons.


Market Insights provides an invaluable vehicle for viewing displays, shelf talkers, cross merchandising, and competitive on-pack promotions. Our photographic service can help you zero in on possible problem areas.

Our final product is available on a External Flash drive. Your Retail Photographic Portfolio is organized by Food, Drug and Mass Merchandise chains then alphabetized by market and chain. We provide outstanding resolution and clarity to each photograph. You can zoom-in up to 800% with clarity to view the necessary details within your shelf, i.e. pricing, promotions etc. Our photographic audits are conducted 4 times annually, to correspond with holidays and special events. We do offer Custom Photo Audits as well.